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  1. But it revealed that you omitted Judiciary and press . I may write while the tug of war going on here between 3rd & 4th estate.

  2. Today I hear so much of the values, elements and foundations of journalism being neglected today under organisational pressures. As a journalism student, hearing of such work is so inspiring.

  3. Hats off. You have done a wondeful job. Of course, we grew up by listening and believing that ” we have not inherited this plant from our ancestors, but borrowed from our offsprings”.
    You have referred to your daughter and her life future life as to how it could be, yes it is true that we all think of the same ‘future’.

    May be your next book will be about- NR Narayanmurthy, DLF, Jaypee, Adani, Hero, TVS, Bajaj, Janardhan Reddy and many more….

  4. Very well done! These are the kind of books that are needed from insiders to give hope to outsiders. Better late than never! I wish you much success with book sales. I’m sure Feast of Vultures (great title) will become a best-seller. It will if there are enough people in India and around the world wanting a better future for themselves and their children by ridding the world of all such vultures.

  5. Just read your book . Poignant , revealing and blunt . Thanks for having the courage and conviction in putting forward such a material . I have a newfound respect for Journslists who write it as it is . My sincere wishes that your work continues .

  6. Excellent work. Hard hitting and very sobering. Almost scary. A must read for all who want change and a better India. Compliments to the author for being brutally honest – could not have been easy.

  7. The book shook me. Is there any workable solution?
    To me, the main problem is the corrosion of our value system. As parents we need to teach children that some things are wrong. Among the many things that my parents taught me is doing what is right ; not because you may get caught, but that it is wrong. It is wrong to cheat, tell lies, take what doesn’t belong to you and so on…
    Today, we seem to be giving the moral/lesson that we can do wrong things( break the law/ not follow rules) if we don’t get caught , or if it is for the greater good ( as perceived by me). This I feel has eroded the value system.
    If my child hasn’t done his home work, parents don’t hesitate to give a letter saying that he has been ill. When my children were growing up, I always felt that they should get punished( stay back during lunch break etc) ratehr that tell a lie.

    Why have we become like this?
    I feel terribly depressed. I may not live long enough to see the decay, but I hope that in future things change.
    One glimpse of hope; Such books DO get published!~
    Many thanks Josy Joseph!

    • Dear Lalitha,

      I like your point of view, how the corrosion of values have degraded our nation to this level. Also, I completely agree that the “Its okay as long as I am not caught” attitude is alarmingly increasing and is the main reason for such reduced moral values. How can one expect good morale from a person who can not stay honest with ones self in life. When a child makes a mistake, we discount them saying that it is a small thing and it is okay. If we do not teach them what a mistake is how would their values/virtues improve.

      I felt terrible reading the book, thinking how our system had corroded and how awful the authorities had become. It seems we are transforming ourselves into a world where a honest person would be treated incompetent and the greedy dishonest person who corrupts the system for his own good as capable.

      Many Thanks Josy Joseph for the brilliant book. I sincerely hope this book inspires people to understand the importance of positive values in a system and the change starts from within.

  8. Hello Mr. Joseph. With all due respect, since you claim to have documents to back the information written in the book, I am curious to know if you made attempts to file a PIL against the wrongdoers or approached media houses to report with these documents?

  9. Hello Mr. Joseph,
    With all due respect, I am curious to if you ever filed a PIL against the wrongdoers, since you claim have the documents to back what you have written in the book. This would have helped in bringing the corrupt to justice. Or why don’the you publicise the documents so that the sceptics who question your claim, can finally see the truth. Thank you.

  10. “A Feast of Vultures” is not just a book, it is the snap shot of Indian governance. I admire the courage and guts of Mr. Josy Joseph to write and publish the book. After reading cover to cover, I thought Josy could have covered the Judiciary also. He has mentioned that it is ok in India to manipulate courts. I myself have experienced it. I hope to see a jab on judiciary in a future book.

  11. A wonderful work. Great efforts. I am disgusted with we Indians after reading this book. A good majority of us are bad people. Hi God, if there is a rebirth, pl create me as a stone. You must write a book on Indian Judiciary and the media without fail.

  12. Excellent work, Josy. The very fact that there’ve been court notices slapped on you on account of this book is a clear indication of all those incisive and blunt truth breaking some faces. But alas…the qualities of the poor are the needs of the elite.
    With a glimmer of hope that your expose would bring about a tectonic shift in our democracy for the better…..let’s see.

  13. Sir,
    I read your book. In fact everything you have mentioned here are things that most of us talk about in our day to day lives but have not really done anything about. This book just reminds us how we listen to stories of corruption and malpractice and ignore them. Is there any way we can help you in your work?