A gripping Primer on the Political Economy of India.

Indian democracy is simultaneously a miraculous achievement and an abomination. A billion people govern themselves democratically while other cohort of nations formed under similar circumstances have wavered and fallen into authoritarian regimes. How does the levers gears of indian government work. Josy Joseph exposes the untold secret of Indian democracy, the dynamics of its underbelly where money greases its levers. In an age where everything is on sale from editorial integrity to the breaking news where one cannot tell the difference between an advertorial and real news, where news has become a business, the real news vital to the health of our democracy never sees the light of the day. Josy Joseph, the award winning investigative journalist tells the tales that would not see the light of the day in our daily news cycle in a gripping tale that takes us from a village in Bihar to the palaces of the modern princes.