India: the land of vultures, who stop at nothing.

A courageous account of wheeling-dealing in the power corridors of India, and how it keeps most of India poor. The stories are very interesting, though the writing could have been a bit more elegant and analytical. A must-read for anyone who is naive to believe in the rhetoric that the politicians throw at us. Also a must-read for people who falsely revere our top industrialists, who came into riches through corruption, manipulation and sometimes even murder – rather than innovation.

Do not be deluded with the false talks of patriotism. Nothing works in India. Justice system can be bought. Police serve their political masters, most of whom come from a criminal background. And anything can be purchased.

Highly recommended. Everyone should read this book to know the true nature in India. Because only when we do not delude ourselves that our country is great, we may try to change it.