About the cover

A Feast of Vultures was one of the more challenging books our team has worked on. The cover needed to be about the high-stakes world of big money and corruption; equally it needed to depict the real-world impact of what that means. We trawled photo archives but found no single image that could capture both ideas at once. Our final cover combines a searing picture – the bed of a farmer who committed suicide, his photograph propped up against a pillow – with looming skyscrapers. We chose to use black-and-white tones to heighten the effect of grimness. Together, the two photos form an image that speaks of two Indias and of how devastatingly one of them, and only one of them, could impact the other.

Bonita Vaz-Shimray, Art Director, HarperCollins Publishers, India

Photo credit : Corbis/Getty