The ABC of radicalisation

The Hindu July 8, 2016

Young Nibras Islam couldn’t contain his excitement after shaking hands with Bollywood actress Shraddha Kapoor. Without wasting much time, he announced it on social media.

Nasty surprises in the sky

The Hindu April 1, 2016

Seif Eldin Mustafa, the 59-year-old lovelorn individual who hijacked Egypt Air flight MS181 from Alexandria to Cairo early this week, may have provided a rare comical interlude to the bloody history of aircraft hijacking, which enjoys disproportionate global attention.

Vikram Singh Chauhan vs Kanhaiya Kumar

The Hindu February 19, 2016

Consider Pakistan. Both its Nobel laureates had to live abroad in virtual exile. One of them, its finest scientist, left the country protesting against constitutional amendments that impinged on his religious freedom, while the other, its most famous teenager, was shot at for going to school and speaking up for her rights.

A dispute that begs resolution

The Hindu March 16, 2016

The dispute may have its origin in just a pile of firewood, but the Sir Creek stand-off’s lingering legacy is turning out to be one of India’s biggest security headaches, with policymakers yet to come up with a nuanced response to it.