Josy, an investigative journalist behind India’s recent journalism scoops, effectively straddles his makeover as a leading non-fiction writer. While his work through the years chronicles the brutal saga behind India’s leading problems of corruption and ‘middle-man’ equations—Josy courageously names politicians and businessmen, who are complicit in the art of undermining India’s progress for their selfish agenda. As the country’s image suffers in the international media – for its suffocating corruption, lagging infrastructure development and the burgeoning divide between the poor and the rich – the truth is the national media has become a conniving accomplice in furthering these negative interests. The story of real India is yet to be told, submerged as it is by increasing instances of commercial houses silencing their critics, with the lure of the lucre and sheer muscle power. In A Feast of Vultures, Josy effectively unplugs the nation’s nauseating drain of carefully hidden secrets and its unholy nexuses—a historic account of the many devastating truths that are a by-product of the economic liberalisation which began in the 90’s. The facts are brilliantly presented, while the real-life characters add to the narrative – lifted by an incisive, observant, and smooth prose.